You’ll love these amazingly bad celebrity drawings


Ballpoint Papi aka Tw1tterPicasso has turned himself into a social media sensation with his amazingly bad drawings of well-known celebrities.

With his own depictions of stars including Nicki Minaj, Drake, Cardi B, and Kylie Jenner (to name just a few) the TwitterPicasso has managed to go viral. Hailing from Australia, the artist, whose real name is Corey, draws his creations with ballpoint pen on any piece of paper he finds.

Yet, while his artwork may not trouble the masters, there is something addictively endearing about his work, as he explained:

“The best thing about this whole thing is when people tell me how theyโ€™re struggling with life and come to my page to laugh. I get a lot of people hating on my drawings as well, but as long as my page can make people having a hard time happy then it doesnโ€™t matter to me.”

Check out this small selection of his work and let us know what you think…

Snoop Dogg

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