You Know You Are A Party Girl If You Have Visited Any Of These 10 Stores For Your Last Minute Club Outfits




Or are a reformed party girl, as we cue up ‘Go Shorty, It’s Ya Birthday’ – 50 Cent’s 2003 smash hit, ‘In Da Club,’ for those of you old enough to remember, we must admit, compiling this list of stores for the true club hoppin’ girls were kind of fun and easy to do.

Admittedly, we have all visited one of the stores on this list a time or two, but nothing is funnier than to see your Thursday-Saturday night party chicks, hit up one of these ‘fine’ establishments for their last minute dress, shoes, and outfits! Hey, we’re not knocking it, so don’t get angry if you are one of the women we are talking about – it is all in fun…get ’em, girl!


Rainbow – OK, so Rainbow is known as the ‘club’ store, because of their ‘club chic’ apparel.  While they have come up a bit over the years, you can always spot an outfit from Rainbow a mile away when you are in the club.


Forever 21 – Although Forever 21 has always been dubbed as the hot spot for young adults, that does not stop those over the age of 30, from hitting it up and squeezing into some of the clothes in there that were clearly made for teeny boppers.


Easy Pickins – While Easy Pickins just may be an east coast staple, there is nothing that screams that I’m going to the club tonight more than a full ensemble from this store.  Top it off with a pleather belt, brown cloth go-go boots, and some of those ‘diamond’ studded hoops, and you are good to go!


Dots – Now, we are on the fence with Dots, but have seen people go to Dots to pick out their club outfit, even though they are one of the more economically ‘conservative’ ones on the list – they still make the list…contingent upon if you are a person who frequents the front or back of the store.


Conway – Conway has held NY down for years, and if you are ever in New York, there is a chance that Conway will pique your curiosity, and you will step in there to partake in their inexpensive fashions – we have done this several times ourselves.  Conway definitely makes the list for the party girl quick outfit headquarters.  You must have ‘attitude’ when you enter the door for sure.


H & M – No sir, we cannot leave this store off the list, even though you can find some really nice pieces in H &M, there is nothing like going to their infamous clearance rack trying to find something to wear. That is until you ultimately settle for the glitter top and the patent leather boots or sandals to get the outfit quest-jumping.


Charlotte Russe – Is another store we have seen older people find an outfit in for the club, that was likely for a 17-year-old teenage girl.  There is nothing wrong with that, though, if reliving your youth is your thing, then rock on!


Deb – Deb Oh Deb! You have not lived until you have gone into a Deb store on a Friday night when girls are in there trying to put together that fierce glamour outfit in hopes of snagging the man of their dreams at the club for that evening.


Forman Mills – If you are up for rummaging and squeezing through their tight aisles of clothing everywhere, with the little $7.99 saying shirts on full display, then you may just leave out with your dream outfit for under $30 bucks.  Admittedly, patience is a virtue when visiting there!


Ashley Stewart – Now, this is the store that maybe your friend who is accompanying you to the club for the first time, may hit up, as a lot of their clothing is a bit more ‘reserved.’ Nonetheless, they have made our list, because we have seen women in there getting their club gear together. They have some pretty cool fashions for the plus size woman.

Well, we must reiterate, this store compilation was all in fun!  We have visited each of these stores before, so we are not exempt.  It is just a funny sight to see when you can tell who’s in one of the stores on this list just to do daily shopping, and who is there for their party girl outfit.  Whatever floats your boat, we’re not angry!  Do you, and do you well!

**Please note that some of these stores on the list have filed for bankruptcy, so they have little to no stores left, but in their hay day, they were club outfit central!

Tell us, what are some of the club outfit headquarters for the party girls in your area!

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