Could Yoga Be The Perfect Exercise?

Is Yoga the perfect form of exercise and relaxation?

 To consider this, let’s make a list of what our ideal type of exercise would do.  Firstly, it would be simple enough that anyone could do it, but have enough variations and different methods that it would maintain the interest of someone who had been practicing it for years.  It would need to be easy to learn so that people could pick up the basics quickly and stat seeing the benefits as soon as possible.  To be a perfect form of exercise it would need to be capable of keep our body in good shape all by itself.  It would help with weight loss, circulation and increasing the strength of the muscles.  It would stimulate the lymphatic system as well as the blood flow and help the body dispose of waste products, improving the overall immune response system.  It would also have benefits that went beyond health – the sharpening of the mind and an increased sense of wellbeing and contentment.  Ideally it would be an exercise form that required no expensive equipment and that could be practiced practically anywhere, alone or in a group.

This is quite a demanding set of prerequisites for a perfect form of exercise.  Let’s see if Yoga measures up to these standards…

What do you think?

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