WTF? Tony Bennett First Met His Wife Before She Was Born!?!


90-year-old singer, Tony Bennett has revealed how he first met his wife, Susan Benedetto, before she was actually born!

Bennett’s revelation comes in his new book, ‘Just Getting Started,’ where he reveals that Susan’s parents, Marion and Dayl Crow came to one of his shows in New York – even getting to go backstage to pose for a picture with the Italian American singer.

Tony writes:

“As fate would have it, Marion was pregnant at the time with … Susan! It’s a photo we all laugh about, knowing the incredible turn of events that followed.”


Benedetto was raised listening to Tony’s music and went on to become the head of his fan club. She met him backstage some 40 years ago, when she was just 19 and they went on to have a 20-year courtship before getting married.

Bennet revealed:

“It tickled me that someone of her age was so devoted to my music. I not only agreed to say hello to her backstage but asked her to be my date for the evening, and that’s how it all really began, foreshadowed by a backstage photo taken in 1966!”

OK, it’s not as if Bennett spotted her as a baby bump, but their 40-year age difference is pretty big. Could you date someone that much older than you? I mean, what did they talk about – other than Bennett’s music, obviously!

Still, we’re happy that they’re happy!




Photo Credit: Washington Post / Getty

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