WTF? Texas Woman Convicted Of Keeping Mexican Slaves For 19 Years After Telling Them She Was The Voice Of God!


A Texas woman has been convicted of holding a number of Mexican women as her slaves for 19 years! 64-year-old Olga Sandra Murra was found guilty of two counts of forced labor and two counts of ‘harboring an illegal alien’ after she forcing the women to work in her home cleaning business for years!


Fusion report:


Born in Mexico, Murra moved to the United States in 1997, bringing with her a woman identified only as “V.R.” as she settled first in El Paso, and then Forth Worth, according to ICE. The following year, Murra arranged to have another woman, identified as I.G., transported into the U.S. She kept both women’s identification documents.


Once in the country, both women were put to work by Murra, cleaning “three to four homes per day up to seven days per week,” ICE said. They were also required to clean Murra’s personal residence and cook her meals, despite being fed only bread and water themselves. They were not paid for their labor and were forced to turn over all money and earnings from their house cleaning to Murra.


Murra maintained control over the enslaved women with a combination of implied—and on at least one occasion, actual—violence, and religious conditioning. According to ICE:


Murra represented herself to the women as the voice of God on Earth, and required them to listen to religious recordings of Murra reading Bible verses and discussing their meaning while they cleaned homes. She caused both women to believe they would go to hell if they did not obey her.


She also threatened to call immigration officials, reportedly telling the women they would be killed “buried in a field with other illegal aliens.”


Where do we start with this Rumpelstiltskin-looking piece of trash?


Playing on people’s fears and beliefs to control them for decades?


Let’s hope Murra gets a sentence to at least match the one she subjected her so-called ‘slaves’ to!




Photo Credit: Law Enforcement

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