WTF? School Sells Bulletproof Panels For Students’ Backpacks

A private school in Miami are cashing in on people’s fears over gun crime by selling bulletproof panels that kids can put in their backpacks.

The Florida Christian School has never had a shooting incident, but their website is offering the $120 ballistic panels on their website alongside regular items like t-shirts with the school logo.

George Gulla, dean of students and head of school security at the school said that the panels offer “another level of protection” to students of the pre-K through grade 12 school “in the event of an active shooter.”

Gulla explained:

“The teachers are trained to instruct the students to use their backpacks as a shield to protect themselves.”

This all seems backwards to us. Teaching kids how to shield themselves from a shooter is surely not the answer – stopping people from having access to guns so they can even consider being a shooter is surely a better way to deal with this?

What do you think?



What do you think?

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