WTF Is Kim Kardashian Doing Now? And Does It Really Matter?


Kim Kardashian has taken part in a bizarre new photo-shoot as she struggles to maintain her relevance. Dressed in nude stockings and an unflattering dress, Kim was pictured sat on a counter top as if she is about to squirt a can of cream into her mouth – but what is it all about?

It looks like Kim is playing up the image of the ‘sexy housewife’ but ultimately it has left us wondering exactly what Kim Kardashian has brought us as a culture?


A privileged upbringing and a wealthy lifestyle has been parlayed into a career which doesn’t really seem to bring much to the world. Perhaps we shouldn’t expect too much from a woman who first found fame because of a leaked sextape, and has since maintained her popularity through thousands of selfies which see Kim exposing her body for her ‘fans.’

While Angelina Jolie has come under fire this week (a “f*cking lunatic” according to Chelsea Handler) there is no doubt that she has parlayed her fame into helping others less well off than herself. So what has Kim done with her fame?

It seems that Kim has done little more than to line her own pockets with a number of spin-off businesses – including a game based on her rather vacuous lifestyle.


Sure, Kim is doing her best to stay relevant and use her image to make money, but ultimately, it still leaves us wondering what she has done to improve the lot of anyone outside her immediate circle?

Perhaps we have missed something here, but why is Kim Kardashian still making headlines for flashing her flesh?

The answer seems obvious – click bait!




Photo Credit: Wonderland / BIO

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