WTF? Does Donald Trump Demand Folders Of Positive News About Himself Each Day?

Donald Trump is already infamous for his disdain for detail. The President apparently demands short briefings and asks that information is presented as bullet-points or as quickly as possible. Insiders say that he also loves information presented as maps or graphics and his short attention span has led to him gaining the nickname, ‘the 2-minute man.’

Despite his apparent lack of patience for details there is one thing that Donald Trump loves to revel in each day. Sources say that the President demands that he is presented with two folders of positive news about himself every day!

Each folder is said to run to 20-25 pages and includes positive news stories about Trump and screenshots of tweets praising him. In fact, sources say that when positive stories are thin on the ground, Trump is presented with flattering photos of himself!

Sean Spicer has said that this is “not accurate” but didn’t go so far as to deny the whole thing, or say which parts weren’t true. The sad thing is, truth or not, we wouldn’t put this past Trump… would you?


Photo Credit: MarketWatch

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