WTF? Couple Kidnapped By 5 Naked Women In Canada

Here’s a strange one! 5 naked people were arrested in Canada after a BMW rammed a pickup truck off the road.

The Canadian Mounties who responded to the incident were surprised to find that the five women in the BMW were naked – but why?

Reports say that the BMW turned up at a family home in Leduc County at about 9:30 am and the five naked women forced a couple and their six-month-old baby into the car. The man was put in the trunk but managed to escape, as did the woman and child. The three of them flagged down a pickup truck and tried to escape, but the vehicle was rammed from behind by the BMW of naked women.

Reports suggest that the five women knew the couple and were on hallucinogenic drugs at the time of the kidnapping. All five of the women were arrested and four of them were taken to hospital for treatment. Two of those arrested were released without charge.

Don’t do drugs, kids!




Photo Credit: CBC

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