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WTF? Company Wants to Install Microchips in Employees!

A Wisconsin company are pioneering a plan to install microchips into their employees. It may all sound like the start of a sci-fi horror movie, but this is really happening, and we’re slightly concerned!

Three Square Market, who provide technology for kiosks and mini-markets, say that the microchip is simply being used as a convenient addition for the workforce. Workers aren’t being forced to enrol in the programme, which will see the microchip (which is about the size of a grain of rice) implanted under the skin between the thumb and forefinger. The chip can then be used to open doors without the need for identity cards, log into their computers, operate copy machines and even pay for snacks from the company vending machines. The microchips use electromagnetic fields and must be within 6 inches from a device in order to be read.

The company state that the $300 chip can’t be used for tracking people as it doesn’t contain a GPS device and, since it is ‘passive,’ it can’t be hacked into. The company also say that employees (about 50 have signed up to the scheme so far), can have the chip removed, saying it would be just like removing a splinter.

Hit the flip for more – including why this isn’t as innocent as it might seem…

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