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WTF? Church Holds Ceremony To Bless AR-15s

With the recent mass shooting in Parkland, Florida causing headlines across the world and leading many to call for a ban on guns, one church has gone completely the other way and decided to hold a ceremony blessing AR-15s!

OK, so we call it a ‘church’ but to many the Unification Church, also known as the ‘Moonies,’ are little more than a cult.

Attendees at the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, blessed their AR-15s while wearing crowns made of bullets.

Apparently, the UnifiucationChurch believe that the AR-15 is the ‘rod of iron’ from the Book of Revelations, with one church-goer saying “people have the right to bear arms, and in God’s kingdom, you have to protect that. You have to protect against evil.”

Elementary schools around the ceremony evacuated out of fear due to the ceremony.

What a bunch of head-cases – as if The Book of Revelation was written at a time when people knew what firearms are – let alone AR-15s!

Besides, whatever happened to ‘thou shalt not kill?’



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