Would You Tell Your Colleagues How Much You Earn?


When it comes to our wages we don’t like to tell our colleagues how much we are earning. Of course, some companies have pay structures which are split into ‘bands’ which give an idea of how much money you are getting paid, but could you imagine everyone having free access to payroll records?

It may sound like a crazy idea, but not knowing how much other people are getting paid makes it easier for businesses to get away with things like paying women less than their male colleagues.

Gabrielle Union highlighted pay inequality between men and women this week when she spoke out about her lawsuit against BET. In case you missed it, Gabrielle hit out at the network for a breach of her ‘Being Mary Jane’ contract (btw we love that show!).

Gabrielle claims that BET combined the fourth and fifth seasons of the show into one in order to avoid a contractual pay rise and extension when she hit season five. Not only did Gabrielle shine a light on her own situation, but she also spoke out about the gender pay gap, saying:

“I put in the same hours as most men and if not more. And I deserve to get paid the same. Equal pay, equal work. And that’s how it should be. And if you stand up for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.”

Indeed, the inequality is even worse for black women who have been shown to consistently earn less than white non-Hispanic men in all fields (not just Hollywood!). That’s a double whammy based on race and gender!

However, it is not just an issue for women or people of color but for everyone. Rather than accepting the inequality, it is time for everyone to stand up and oppose such a despicable practice.

Oh, don’t worry ‘Being Mary Jane‘ fans, despite her $1 million lawsuit, Gabrielle is not going to quit, saying:

“No, I’m a pro and we all go to work, and Season 4 will air January 10 on BET,” adding, “And hopefully in the meantime we can sort out some business that’s fair and reasonable and equitable to not just me, but our whole cast and our writers and our crew.”

Well said, Gabrielle!




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