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Would You Eat Gold Chicken?

If you like some luxury with your fried chicken, then you might want to pop down to Popeyes as their Louisiana Kitchen celebrated the opening of their 3,000th outlet by adding special chicken wings dipped in gold to their menu!

The 24 Karat Champagne Wings are battered in champagne and then covered in 24 karat gold flakes. They are available at selected stores around the U.S. including in Elizabeth, N.J. – which was their 3,000th store.

The wings cost $10 and Popeyes say they are considering selling them at other locations should they prove popular.

So, what do you think?

Gold flake covered chicken wings – yes, or no?



P.S. –

We don’t know about you, but this story has us singing a ‘chicken’ version of this… “Gold Chii-cken!”

What do you think?

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