Worst Wedding Reception Ever? We Feel Sorry For The Bride…

For many women, their wedding day is something they look forward to for years, hoping it will be full of happy memories and special moments – not so for one Pennsylvania bride whose husband wasted no time in showing what he was actually worth…

Reports say that groom, Matthew Aimers was arrested in Bucks County for sexually assaulting an underage waitress at his wedding reception.

The 31-year-old told the girl that the pair of them could “do whatever you want,” an offer which she understandably and rightly refused.

However, Aimers wasn’t finished with his predatory pursuit as he followed the girl into the women’s bathroom and pulled her into an empty stall where she says he exposed himself and sexually assaulted her.  He went on to continue ‘propositioning’ the girl, offering her $100, before she was able to escape the bathroom…

But that’s not all!

Police were called to the country club to investigate reports of a fight and, when they arrived, they found Aimers “pushing and punching people,” apparently after he had been stopped from taking alcohol outside. 

Aimers made a break for it and ran to a shuttle bus, followed by the police – one of whom had a taser drawn. Eventually, and after insults being hurled at the police, Aimers got off the bus and was arrested – but not before a small scuffle with the cops!

We can only imagine what the bride must be thinking after all of this!

Surely divorce papers must be imminent?

As for Aimers, he posted 10% of a $350,000 bail and was released from custody, set to return to face a preliminary hearing later this month. He is charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest as well as indecent assault, indecent exposure, imprisonment of a minor, harassment, and related offenses.

According to his attorney, Aimers “absolutely denies all charges.”

Worst wedding reception ever?

It’s got to be up there!

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