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World’s oldest man reveals the secret to his long life – it’s not what we expected!

Getting old is something that you may not think about much, but ultimately that is the goal and the hoped-for destination for your life.

We mean, who doesn’t want to have a long and happy life?

So, when we heard that someone had reached 112 years and 259 days to become the world’s oldest living man, we thought we’d see if we could get any tips to live a long life.

The answers weren’t quite what we expected!

Born in Japan in 1905, Masazo Nonaka swears by watching Samurai movies and Sumo wrestling and eating cake!

However, all of that fighting and sweet food may not be the ultimate answer as Nabi Tajima, also of Japan, is older, being the world’s oldest woman at 117.

Meanwhile, the oldest man ever was Jiroemon Kimura, who was also Japanese, and reached the age of 116 years, 54 days…

So, could it be something about life in Japan?

We’re not sure, but that is quite a coincidence…



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