Woman Strips In Front Of Bank Manager To Try & Land A Loan – Video Goes Viral!

Needing money can drive people to all sorts of extreme lengths – but this is certainly a new one on us!

Russian Yulia Kuzmina, who is reportedly in her mid-20s, was trying to get a loan for a new car from a bank in Kazan. But, when her application was turned down, she took extreme measures and began taking off her clothes in an attempt to get the bank manager to change his mind!

Starting by removing her dress, Kuzmina felt the need to up the ante when this seemed to have no effect on the young bank manager. Removing her bra, Kusmina must have hoped she had impressed the manager enough, but he simply shook his head, stood up and handed Yulia her coat!

Whie some sources claim that Yulia is a stripper, this has not been confirmed, although she hit back at detractors, saying:

“I am in a difficult situation. Those who judge me do not know what they would do in my shoes.”

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