Woman Gives Birth To Twin But Is Still Pregnant With The Other 4 Weeks Later!


A pair of twins from Sydney Australia will celebrate their birthdays weeks apart after their mother gave birth to one prematurely at only 24 weeks – and stayed pregnant with the other.

Baby Sadie was born on October 26, leaving behind her brother in a rare phenomenon called delayed interval delivery.


(Mom, Danielle with husband, Matthew)

Mom, Danielle Paull hopes to be pregnant for a while longer yet and is taking measures to make sure the unborn twin doesn’t arrive early too:

“I was not able to express (breast milk) because that might bring on labour. We have been getting donor milk from a milk bank in Queensland.”

It is hoped that the second baby will wait until as close to the 40 week mark as possible, but the good news is that Sadie is doing well despite arriving earlier than expected!



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