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Woman Freaked Out After Finding Someone She Doesn’t Know Is Copying Her On Instagram

It is said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but this all seems a little bit odd!

21-year-old student Chloe Cowan was surprised to discover that a person she had never met had been copying her Instagram posts for years!

Chloe and her sister investigated the other account only to find more evidence of the unknown copycat mimicking poses, clothes, lighting and even backgrounds for her stalkerish shots…

Chloe’s sister, Linzi, hopped on social media to warn others:

“Don’t even know where to start with this but just want to let people know the dangers of social media. My sister Chloe is at Dundee University and another girl living in Dundee (who my sister wasn’t aware of until this week) has been reenacting her life on Instagram for almost two years. This girl’s stalking behaviour is to the extreme of reenacting videos of a photo album that Chloe posted of my dad who [passed] away (gives me the shivers when I think about it). This girl doesn’t follow my sister on social media and had made a fake account to stalk her without her knowing… Imitation is flattering [but this is] too far.”

What do you think?

Is this creepy?

We reckon it’s all a bit odd, but no laws have been broken, although both Chloe and the stalker (who used a fake account to monitor Chloe’s posts) have now deleted their Instagram profiles…

What do you think?

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