Woman Finds Great Way To Hit Back At Family Hassling Her To Have Kids


Three years into married life, Carrie Jensen was getting fed up with well-meaning family and friends asking when she and husband Nic would start a family.

The Anamosa, Iowa resident decided to hit back with some maternity-style pictures posted to Facebook – except rather than showing off a baby bump, Carrie featured her new golden retriever puppy, Leelu!


Since being posted, the pictures have gone viral, with Carrie saying:

“We hear the usual comments, usually from aunts, our moms, and our grandmothers. Questions like ‘When are you guys going to start having kids?’ And ‘Now is a good time to have one, that way your child and (insert cousin’s kid’s name) will be around the same age!’”


Carrie continued:

“The [comment] that bugs me is the, ‘You’ll change your minds someday!’ Because I’ve felt this way about it for years and I’m not going to change my mind.”

In fact, Carrie has plenty of time for kids, as she explained:

“I work at an elementary school and I love seeing the kids and interacting with them. I would never discourage anyone from having kids if they want them. My sister Becca has an 18-month-old boy and I love being an aunt to him. I just don’t want to be a mother ― I’ve never seen it for my life.”

Instead, Carrie and Nic plan to travel – with Leelu as their little companion!




Photo Credit: Carrie & Nic Jansen

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