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Woman who confronted Trey Songz about his drug use says he got two women to attack her

It looks like more bad press for R&B singer, Trey Songz. Fresh off numerous allegations of violence against women, Trey has found his business aired out on social media by a woman he baited on social media.

Trey began the situation when he hopped on Instagram with a cryptic message, reading just:

“[middle finger emoji] 12 and you, [rat emoji]”

Evidently calling someone out for snitching, it turns out the 30-year-old was directing his comments at someone he had been dating.

The woman, no doubt feeling aggrieved, picked up her own Instagram account and returned the favor, posting:

“@TreySongz, we can do this. You want to bring this to social media.

“Drugs don’t only impact you. They impact everyone around and the people that care about you. Didn’t you yell ‘mob her’ because I walked past you and said, ‘Trey, you lied to me about doing drugs?’ Then I got jumped. I only pressed charges because you were laughing when they jumped me.

“And weren’t you screaming I’m a slut?  Whole time we’ve been talking – two months – have you f*cked once? OK, @TreySongz.

“Mfs want to bring sh*t to social media. F*ck the cops and f*ck me. Whole time you had two b*tches, you’ve already f*cked on, jump me because I was upset about you doing drugs, LMFAO.”

So, let’s get this straight – Trey Songz got two women that he had already slept with to attack his current (but no doubt now, ex) girlfriend – who he hadn’t actually slept with in two months of dating? And al because she called him out about taking drugs – and laughed as she was getting beaten.

Do you believe her? Is there more to this story?

Right now, Trey has yet to comment….




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