Wife Hilariously Uses Imaginary Stand-in For Husband, Who Missed Honeymoon (Find Out Why & See Photos!)


So, we all know that after a wedding there is usually a honeymoon to follow – that includes both the bride and groom, but unfortunately for Huma Mobin, when husband, Arsalaan Sever Butt was unable to secure his Visa in time for a trip to Greece from Pakistan, because he was denied.  The trip, which had been paid for by Butt’s parents (Who were able to make the trip), lacked the one person who was to make the honeymoon special – the spouse!

Mobin, who was a good sport, took a series of husbandless photos, which went viral as Butt’s stand-in was imaginary! These hilariously viral photos show just how much fun the relationship between Mobin and Butt will likely be…virally entertaining.

Would you have gone on a honeymoon without your significant other – if it was paid for already?

We are not sure we would have been able to handle ourselves in the same way, but it is great to see that there are still some lighthearted stories making headlines in the midst of all of the serious ones.



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