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Why You Should Switch Up Your Style

What do your clothes say about you?

Whenever you walk down the street you are making snap judgements on other people based on their appearance. If you see a well-groomed man in a suit you will judge him differently than if you saw someone in ripped jeans, some beaten up sneakers and an old leather jacket. Of course, this could be the same man on different days, yet you will make quick decisions on that person based on their appearance.

So, what does your appearance say about you?

Often your appearance will offer cultural clues – perhaps the type of music you listen to, where you come from, or even your sexuality? 

However, as we get older our styles may change along with our views. You propbably won’t wear the same things in your 30s as you did in your teens – and this is not just about changing trends, but also about your own growth and maturity. 

It pays to think about how your appearance impacts your life but it can also be fun to change or tweak your appearance from time-to-time. Why not try switching your style up a little now and again and see if it alters how people treat you as you go about your everyday life…

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