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Why You Should Get Into The Arts

With our focus on financial, it is all too easy to forget the importance of the arts in our everyday lives. That is things like music, art, drama, and dance.

If you have ever sat down to write or draw you may know how time can just fly by as you lose yourself in what you are doing, and everyone knows that feel-good factor that comes with going out dancing (or even dancing and singing at home!).

The fact is that the arts are good for us, both as adults and for children too. A recent report by several independent researchers has shown that participating in the arts nurtures the development of social, personal and cognitive skills. Plus, programs based on Arts can help kids by improving academic achievement and decreasing the tendency towards delinquency. It also helps young people form positive attitudes about themselves and build self-esteem.

Doing arts can be a release from stress while also involving communication, interpretation and understanding of complex symbols, much like mathematics and languages. Thus, the arts foster higher-order analytical skills and skills of evaluation and synthesis. Many of the arts make you regularly use multiple skills thus making you more dynamic and versatile. So, the arts can make you smarter too!

Development of imagination, judgment and philosophy are fringe benefits of an arts-based activity. You will also learn to set high levels of achievement, goals to chase, and results to seek – whether that is performing some drama or dance, or in doing a painting or making some music. It can help you to understand what sustained focus is and that regular practice is the way to excellence.

These are good lessons for adults as well as kids, while the arts can also be great for social interaction too. Not only can they act as an avenue to meet with like-minded people but can also help shy or withdrawn children. Theatre, speech or drama lessons may be an outlet for pent up emotions, as drama entails getting into the ‘skin’ of another person, it can help more insular people to verbalize emotions and express thoughts.

The arts aren’t just something that you did at school, but should become part of your weekly life – it’s up to you to decide which art you want to follow, but it can enrich and enhance your life, lower your stress and build new skills too.

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