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Why TV One’s ‘For My Man’ Will Drive ANY Woman With Common Sense Bananas!

I am not sure why I subject myself to watching TV One’s ‘For My Man.’ I record it on the DVR (I will admit, I am not much of a television person, but this show has me captivated). It is a good, quality well-produced television show (so this is not my qualm about the show). I guess I cannot believe the great lengths some women will go to just to keep a man in their life. Most of these women are just plain STUPID.


If you have not seen ‘For My Man’ and do not know what I am talking about, I am sure you have seen a show just like it. The premise of the show is to spotlight real-life women who do unthinkable things to keep the love of their men (even if it means committing extremely heinous crimes, like killing their parents to be with the man/boy).

As women, we may do some dumb things in the name of love (many of us have done it), but these crimes a lot of these women commit to trying to keep their men, are unbelievable. The reality is; if you get caught, you will not be with your man any longer because you will likely either be on DEATH ROW or LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT PAROLE. This seems to be the outcome of many of these cases. So, you are willing to throw your life away for some idiotic guy who is likely preying on the fact that he knows you are weak minded?


The professionals on the show often try to justify why these women often do these things psychologically:

  1. They are lonely
  2. Their childhood was bad
  3. They never had a father figure in their life
  4. The neighborhood they were raised in was impoverished – etc., etc.
  5. They came from single family homes
  6. This is the woman’s first time at love


Excuse after excuse is offered, but guess what? That is a lot of women in the US, and they do not choose to squander the rights of their freedom on a no-good man. It is called having LOW SELF-ESTEEM & LACKING COMMON SENSE. Period.


The advice I would like to impart to ANY woman who presently has their freedom and want to keep it. Grow a pair! You can do BAD by yourself. You WILL likely get caught, and you will NO LONGER have access to the man you thought you wanted so badly, nor will you have access to YOUR FREEDOM.


On many of the episodes, the women end up turning on the men (or vice versa) anyway when they are caught (thinking they will get a lighter sentence – most do not). So, what was their reasoning for partaking in these unconscionable crimes? They each never speak to each other again once they are captured. They never have a great escape plan. Some of the women start out on the right path, but get involved with the ‘bad boys.’ Listen, it is important to keep your drive and pride no matter what.

To lose your access to the outside world, because you killed someone over $200 measly dollars or a couple of grand is insane.


If you are lonely, get a dog. If any of those mentioned above circumstances apply to your life now, remember it is not worth it in the end to be anyone’s fool. Most of the time, these men are just using you. Any QUALITY man would never want to subject the person he says he loves to the possibility of them losing their freedom. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE and BRAINS. These situations MANY times do not end well.


Well, for now, I guess I will keep screaming at the television, shaking my head and becoming disgusted at these stories. They get my blood boiling. Let a sucker be a sucker by his/herself. Love should go both ways. He does not love you. You are not doing it ‘for your man.’ You are doing it because you think it will allow you to keep ‘your man.’ Who is not ‘your man.’ He is just a pimp who has found your weak spot and has preyed on it. Also, you should know the difference between LUST & LOVE. THINK!


If you have never seen the program before, you may want to check out the video below:

Photo credit: TV ONE

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