Why Black & Hispanic Women Now Have A Longer Life Expectancy Than Anyone Else In America



You may be surprised to hear that black and Hispanic women have a longer life expectancy than any other group in America – including all men!

Studies have shown that life expectancies in the U.S. have dropped for the first time in 25 years – except for among black and Hispanic women, who have remained stable at an average of 78 years, while the life expectancy of everyone else has fallen below this age – but why is this?

It seems that the message about living a healthy lifestyle has hit home for black and Hispanic women more than any other groups.


Linda Goler Blount, president of and chief executive of the D.C. based national health advocacy nonprofit ‘Black Women’s Health Imperative,’ explained:

“What we are seeing is that the message about the importance of health is getting through to black women. The data show that the majority of us know that we need to improve and are working on it. We also understand the importance of having a positive attitude. When black women are asked to define what good health means, we say things such as ‘being calm’ or ‘being at peace.’ We don’t use diseases to define it. We don’t let a condition like obesity define who we are, even though we work on getting into shape.”

In fact, there is even the chance that not having a car could be playing a positive role in this longer lifespan, as Blount continued:

“Whether it’s because of a lack of transportation or a determined effort to get exercise, Black women tend to walk a lot. We are on the move more than most.”


But it’s not just necessity that is a driving force behind healthier lifestyles, as there has also been what Blount dubbed ‘The Michelle Obama Effect:’

“There has also been the ‘Michelle Obama Effect.’ Her emphasis on healthy eating and exercise during the past eight years has really paid off. Black women are so inspired by her – her relationships with her husband, children and mother. Black women are really trying to emulate her.”

Interesting stuff! Perhaps it is time for everyone else to take note, get some exercise, eat healthier and generally take better care of themselves too – New Year’s Resolutions, anyone?



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