Why Are People Wearing Safety Pins? Should You Be Wearing One Too?


It is pretty obvious that the election of Donald Trump as the new President of the United States has not gone down well in all quarters. From demonstrations to outright rioting, people are making themselves heard – but there is also a quieter revolution going on. It is a movement that shows solidarity and support for the marginalised using nothing more than a safety pin.

We all heard the anti-Muslim rhetoric which Trump spouted, the sexist and insulting comments about women and the racist attacks on people of color. There has also been a rise in reported racist incidents in America since Trump got in. It is enough to make you fear for what is coming next, but there is a silent group of ordinary Americans who are offering their support by symbolically wearing a safety pin on their clothes.

The wearing of a safety pin is a declaration that you are an ally to those who have been maligned by Donald Trump and fear for their safety, or the future itself.

The movement was inspired by a similar one in Britain following the ‘Brexit’ vote – where there was also a spike in racially-incited incidents. The small understated gesture assures others that they are not alone as Americans take to social media to declare themselves ‘safe places’ and show that women, people of color and other marginalized groups have their support.

Quiet yet strong, we support this!



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