Whoa! Did Meek Mill Get Funkmaster Flex To Stop His On-Going Feud W/ Drake?

Wow, the new Meek Mill is dope! The Philly top-dawg rhyme-spitter seemed to be more conscious and did not skip a beat once he was released from prison this past spring. Meek has always been a freestyler, so it is always a tight look when a rapper spits bars from the dome and not something he memorized.


Not only did Meek Mill hit up longtime Hot 97’s radio personality, Funkmaster Flex’s freestyle segment with a vengeance, but he was also able to get something no other rapper who has been on his show out of Flex, an apology to Drake.


We are not sure where to begin as to why Flex has had it out for the Canadian-born rapper, but we are glad that the vibes are positive now.  Now maybe Flex will ‘drop a bomb’ on one of Drake’s songs?


If you remember; Drake and Meek Mill had a rap feud going last year that ended with Drake ‘winning’ the battle (we will blame it on the fact that Meek was with Nicki at the time and was not on his rap game). The two have since made up publicly and are good now. They have even made a new song called ‘Going Bad’ on Meek Mill’s critically acclaimed (in the Hip-Hop community) ‘Championships.’


We’ve met both Meek and Flex around here, and we are glad to see the evolution of Meek Mill especially. Hopefully, this means flex is done with the young ‘Bul’ or ‘Bol’ (Philly slang) Drake. By the way, if you don’t have a hype man like Meek and you are a rapper, then you need to cancel the one you have ASAP.

Enjoy — a great moment in Hip-Hop.

Meek Mill’s Ill Freestyle + Flex Apologizing to Drake

Drake and Meek Mill Make Up Publicly

Meek Mill’s new song ‘Going Bad’ Featuring Drake

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