Who Is ‘Mugshot Bae?’

Men are losing their minds over ‘Mugshot Bae’ – even offering to cover the cost of her bail.

But who is she, and what did she allegedly do to find herself behind bars?

20-year-old Mirella Ponce from California is a suspected member of the Tiny Rascals gang and has been hit with a $100,000 bail after getting arrested this week.

She was arrested for carrying  a loaded firearm in her car, alongside her infant son and two other gang members!

But, despite the fact that she was riding dirty – with her baby in the car – there are plenty of thirsty-sounding guys out there willing to take a risk on her!

However, let’s not forget, she isn’t the first ‘Mugshot bae’ to have caught some attention – and it’s not just guys who can get in a twist over a criminal – after women on social media got all hot under the collar over this felonious fella…



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