White woman calls police on black people having cookout – community responds in the best way!

A white woman in Oakland California called the police after she spotted a black family having a cookout in public. The woman claims that she called the cops as it is illegal to use charcoal in a public place (is it?).

Of course, we all know that she actually called the police because she felt threatened in some way (in fact she even claimed that she was pushed – even though no footage shows this!).

You can see her (racist) self in this video – which was caught on camera by another – less racist – white woman:

The woman’s identity has not been revealed, but the black community of Oakland decided to take a stand and they did it in the best possible way – by having a HUGE cookout!


As for the woman who called the cops?

We don’t know what happened to her – other than that she has become a meme of her own…

Ha! Brilliant!

What do you think?

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