When Your Attacker Is Made President: Donald Trump Sexual Abuse Accusers Speak Up!


President-elect, Donald Trump stands accused of sexual misconduct ranging from forced kissing to assault by twelve women. While many turned a blind eye to the accusations as they voted, for these women, seeing their alleged abuser elected as President must be unreal.

Mindy McGillvray says she was groped by Trump at his Palm Beach estate when she was 23:

“I’ve gone out with my girlfriends and had a pinch or a grab here and there, and I’d turn around and they were gone. But I turned around and it was Trump.”

McGillvray says that while she believes Trump is a “habitual offender” she hopes it doesn’t affect his Presidency, since:

“This is who we’re stuck with, and in my heart, I want to forgive and move on.”

Among other things, Trump has been caught calling women “dogs” and “fat pigs,” while a former Miss Universe co-worker revealed how the president-elect would boast about being able to walk into women’s dressing rooms.


Adult film actress Jessica Drake alleges that Trump kissed her without consent and attempted to offer her money after she turned him down for an invite to dinner and a party. Drake says:

“He told us many times who he was. I am disappointed that we as a country did not listen.”

Meanwhile, Cathy Heller, who says Trump forcibly kissed her about 20 years ago, said:

“I worry that this will give license to other men to act that way.”

Heller is shocked that so many women voted for him (53% of white women) as she added:

“There are probably 100 women out there who have stories like mine. [But] he denied it, and it didn’t seem to matter to people.”


Make-up artist Jill Harth says Trump groped her while she was in her daughter’s bedroom says that she is “hoping for the best” following his election, but fears that Trump may leave many people in the US “as roadkill.”

Trump has, of course, denied the accusations amid threats to sue, and even this has caused problems for some of his alleged victims.

Former ‘Apprentice’ contestant, Summer Zervos claims she was groped by Trump when she met him about a job opportunity. She noted:

“After he called me a liar I was threatened, bullied and saw my business targeted. Even though it is hard and painful to go up against the world’s most powerful man, I will continue to speak truth and I refuse to be intimidated into silence.”


In fact, a number of women who have spoken out about Trump say they refuse to be intimidated by him or his policies may mean in a broader sense. Rachel Crooks, who says she was kissed on the mouth by Trump against her will says:

“I’m very concerned for our country in general. How he has behaved with women is certainly one part of it.”

She added of Trump’s alleged attack on her:

“When it happened to me, it was almost like I felt embarrassed, like somehow I had caused it myself. That’s the wrong mentality.”




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