When A Parental A$$ Beating Is Necessary?! Two Teen Girls Physically Attack Elderly Man Asking Them To Get Off His Lawn [Warning, Video is Disturbing!]

Forget DHS in this case, when is enough, enough? These kids are running around acting a damn fool like they have no home training, beating up on their elders, and parents are supposed to sit idly and let this happen?  All this stems for not being disciplined at home, because a teenager who respects their parents, would realize that this man is likely someone’s father and grandfather, and would not do such a thing.  Sometimes talking to these kids just does not work.  A way to alleviate this is to provide MORE after school activities instead of building billion dollar prisons.  Clearly, these kids had nothing else to do with their time. This is truly sad – we have lost all respect for our elders.

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