What would you do?

We saw this question posed on social media and it got us thinking – what would you do if you found a bag full of money?

A quick look through the replies showed that there were two main trains of thought – spend it or use to help others…

Small deposits over time. Pay some bills with cash. Keep same routine as always. Nobody would never know I found that cheese.”


Or maybe…

“I would keep it & take care of my family & bills & then find someone who was deserving & help them & help the ones who helped me in my time of need”


However others would be concerned about taking the cash:

I would leave it where it is……. The origins of that money and the people it’s involved with are not what I want anything to do with….. That money is bait….. You are the fish”


While some would go straight to the police (with some hope):

Take it to police! Unclaimed and it’s not rightfully mine. Usually $ in this condition is probably illegally made and would not be claimed.”


What would you do?

What do you think?

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