What A Jerk! Woman Berates Lyft Driver For Representing Hawaiian Culture With His Dashboard Bobblehead Doll

OMG, get this woman a life and some knowledge.  Annaliese Nielsen, founder of an ‘elite online sorority’ decided to be picked up by a TOTAL stranger via Lyft, only to get into his car and belittle him for having a Hawaiian Bobblehead doll on his dashboard.

This video is so offensive, and, of course, it is bigger than the bobblehead, and appears to be motivated by race and hate amongst other things.  She seems to be an apparent ‘bobblehead’ as this video continues on.  Nielsen should be happy she made it home in one piece, because in this day and age, she could have become someone’s meal. Good riddance, you obnoxious, self-absorbed thing.

Warning – this video will offend you if you have a heart or an empathic disposition. This video starts at 56 sec. mark.

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