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Wendy Williams Slammed By New Rumors

There are some pretty alarming allegations going around concerning daytime TV host, Wendy Williams.

The gossip alleges that she is making her husband’s life hell by refusing to split from him, despite talk that he has a mistress and maybe an illegitimate baby too!

“Which alliterate talk show host and her husband haven’t split up (yet) but they are living separately? She knows she can’t do anything about the mistress and the possible baby, but she’s making her husband’s life a living hell by just staying with him. Remember, their marriage is a business arrangement like the Carters. Since he’s no longer in charge of their marriage and she’s got the upper hand now after she leaked stories about him being abusive to her in the past, he’s kissing her ass 24/7 because she is over his escapades. Basically, he’s been pussy whipped. Based on her actions recently, it may seem like they’re a happy couple and he’s sticking by her side no matter what. Underneath the surface, it’s all a facade.”


But that’s not all, as the rumor has it that Wendy has relapsed on drugs and drink:

“I’m surprised she didn’t mention the other reasons she was away from her show for so long… she relapsed on benzos and booze and was detoxing.”

 Oh, and did you notice the gossip casually slipping in the idea that Jay Z and Beyonce’s marriage is fake too?

What do you think, could any of this be true?

What do you think?

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