Wendy Williams Opens Up About Living In ‘Sober House’ To Fight Addiction Battle

Wendy Williams may come across as a woman who has things under control when she is on the screen, but there has long been talk of cocaine and alcohol problems behind the scenes.

Now the daytime TV host has opened up about her recovery, revealing she has been living in a sober house and has a sober coach on call 24-hours a day.

Wendy said:

Wendy has been heading straight from work to her 2-hour pilates before going straight to the sober house in Long Island City, where she is treated just like everyone else – and it’s lights out at 10pm!

She also explained how she hid her situation from most people – including her parents:

“But there are people in your family — it might be you — you have been struggling. And I want you to know more of the story. So, this is my autobiographical story, and I’m living it. I’m telling you this. After I go to the Pilates, I go to several meetings all around town in the Tri-state area. And I see my brothers and sisters caught up in their addiction and looking for help. They don’t know I’m Wendy. They don’t care I’m Wendy. There’s no autographs, there is no nothing. It’s the brothers and sisters caught up in the struggle. It’s been really interesting. This ride. Only Kevin and Kevin have known about this. Not my parents, nobody. Nobody knew. Because I look so glamorous out here.”

We won’t judge Wendy for her troubles and hope that she can put her problems behind her for good. But, for now, we have to praise her for speaking out and maybe she can inspire someone else to seek the help they may need too…

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