First, we will begin to acknowledge that some of you may be coming by way of our former portal, or one of our other past sites. Please be advised that we do things a bit differently here at  You will receive the same quality editorial team, but we have evolved. If you have dealt with us in the past, then you know that we take our jobs and reporting very seriously, but they are just that – jobs (This is also our livelihood, too).

As you may know, it takes a lot of time and effort to review and feature something or someone (Which we have been doing for years with no problems, through our websites).  With this being stated, we had to amend things and change our approach a bit to have things fit into our agenda as well.

Since we are technically a viral website, while we will do most of the promotional legwork, ‘sharing is caring,’ we do respectfully request that you also share your stories, reviews, features, etc., with your social media collective as well – we are believers in reciprocal relationships.  Also, most stories will be presented in listicle formats (‘10 Things You Did Not Know About Jane,’ or ‘5 Ways Our Product [Insert Product Name] Can Change Your Life,’ etc.).

***Also note: Some of your pitches will be referred to our advertising department for a possible paid feature as a ‘Promoted Post.’ This will be contingent upon what our editorial needs are at the time, or how in-depth the feature or review requirements are – if it seems to be more towards an advertisement than just a standard feature. Promoted Post will have a higher priority.

We will do our best to let you know when/if a review, feature, interview or music submitted is up, however, you should stay tuned to our site and to our Twitter social media channel.

***We also make NO guarantee that a story will run. It is 100% at our sole discretion.

OK, now that we have gotten our ‘housekeeping,’ direction and pitch disclaimer out of the way, please see below for information on how we are handling things going forward.


Product Review Outline:

For book reviews, apps, tech innovations, beauty, and fashion reviews, or other product reviews (That do not fit into any of the mentioned categories above), we ask that you mail a physical product to the below-specified mailing address.  We must receive the product before a review can take place, please know that just because we receive a product, does not mean that it is an automatic guarantee for a feature or review.  Also, NO product submitted to us will be returned.  The only guarantee comes by way of an approved ‘Promoted Post.’

If it is an online/digital product (Books can also fall under this category – does not always have to be a physical copy sent), we must receive full access to the product to test it out.

If an Amazon link is available, we must also receive that.

*** After allowing some time, for both physical and digital products, you MUST follow-up via email with the subject line: ‘DID YOU RECEIVE?’). 

  • Please provide the timeframe of the product – if it is date/time sensitive
  • Links to Hi-res photos, photo attribution, MUST be provided
  • Detailed, well-written product overall synopsis (In listicle format as specified earlier in the document – if you need more information about this, please let us know), written product information specs and past reviews of the product (If applicable)

All information for physical and digital must also be received via email (Even if you send the press release and information via regular mail, we must also have an emailed copy of all information – this will make way for a quicker feature if we decide to run the piece).

Mailing Address:

Attn: Editor

P.O. Box 63367

Philadelphia, PA 19114



Interview | Feature Outline:

We have done many interviews throughout the years and have given many people spotlight.  We still believe in interviews, but have a different approach to them now.  We spent a lot of time over the years devising interview questions, conducting phone interviews and transcribing them, etc., which took an immense amount of work.  With our new approach, things will run a lot smoother and faster for all parties involved.

We MUST receive a pitch – not just a press release, to see what angle we can take with the story and if it will have a viral effect. If the story fits into the scope of what we are trying to do at, then we will reach out to you.

All interviews must:

  • Take the listicle approach as stated above
  • Interviews will likely be email-based (Unless otherwise specified), we will provide an outline (If you would like to deviate a bit from the outline, then the publicist or representative will be responsible for letting us know this and creating the deviated listicle questions or facts beyond what we provide)
  • Videos interviews are welcomed. However, the publicist or representative must conduct the exclusive video interview and submit the link (Preferably uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo) for download to us
  • We understand that some ‘celebrities’ do not like to do email-based interviews, this is where we ask that the publicist conducts the interview and sends it to us (Unless otherwise specified, to speed up the publishing process). In the past, we spent a lot of time creating interviews (and some were never returned/or returned in a timely fashion)
  • Interviews must be grammatically correct (We are not ‘stuffy’ at, but we would like to ensure that we are continually publishing quality content)
  • Be returned to us in a timely fashion once we give the green light

***For a concert, event and show coverage, it will be based writer availability in the location of the event. If the concert, event or show is in New York, LA, Atlanta or Philadelphia, there is a greater chance of LitViral coverage attendance.

Regarding feature pieces:  We may run a feature solely from the pitch or press release we receive (If it has all of the essential information needed to run, including hi-res photo).  We will link back to the source.



Music Artist Requirements Outline:

Music reviews have been the backbone of what we have done over the years, another component that has taken a lot of time and effort to do (With, honestly, not a lot of reciprocal love back).  With this being stated, we have halted music reviews for now (Unless we reach out to you after a submission).

You can still send music/albums for possible feature consideration, but there are no guarantees that we will run them as reviews.  We will, however, feature some submitted music (From Soundcloud or other embeddable sources) and videos (From YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).  You will be responsible for getting to us the links to grab the embed codes.  We MUST also receive a hi-res photo (MUST BE HI-RES), with photo attribution and an extremely brief outline of the project or song (Including what genre you fall under).



Thank you for your time and reaching out to our outlet! We will continue to provide quality work and make sure that, with your help, we are maximizing the exposure of you or your client. We hope that you understand our revised stance.

If there are any questions or concerns that have not been addressed or answered, please contact us via our contact form and we will try to address your concerns or questions further.

Respectfully yours,

Kenyetta ‘Native’ McKinney

Founder | Publisher, | G.M.M., LLC 


Tom ‘Slim’ Clover 

Editorial Director