Welcome Back! Eminem Gives Lyrical Heads Some Hope W/ Newly Released Heat, ‘Campaign Speech’


If you read the YouTube comments, you will probably see comments like; ‘Eminem fell off a long time ago,’ ‘where is the beat?’ or ‘why aren’t you saying anything about Hillary?’  The truth of the matter is, you cannot please everyone (because take a jab at presidential candidate Donald Trump, and supporters of Trump were not too pleased), and at 44 years old, Eminem is still one of the best rhyme spittas to walk the face of the earth.  While there is no real beat to this, and he shows off his raw talent, ‘Campaign Speech’ delivers some much-needed blows to people who are deserving of it, one of which being George Zimmerman, who was responsible for the death of Florida black teen, Trayvon Martin, in 2012.

Wordplay is lit!  If you are not into lyrics, then this will likely go over your head. Some refer to him as a culture vulture, but true rappers can distinguish between a culture vulture and someone who has contributed significantly to the art form, and that is Eminem. We do, however, agree with one YouTuber who stated that he maybe need to try some new producers besides Dr. Dre.

Check the song for yourself below and let us know what you think, does Em still have it?

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