Weed-Smoking On The Increase In The US – But Why?


More people are smoking weed in the US than ever before according to a new report published by The Lancet Psychiatry. The study found that 13% of adults surveyed in 2014 said they had smoked marijuana in the past year, as opposed to 10% in 2002.

It seems that fewer people see smoking weed as a big problem these days, with the perceived risk of smoking once or twice a week down to 33.3% from 50%. The researchers estimated that the number of marijuana users in the US rose from 22 million to 32 million between 2002 and 2014. But why is this?


Changes to the law have certainly changed perceptions – with medical marijuana now legal in 25 states and several other areas legalizing recreational weed-smoking too.

But is there a cause for concern?

Wayne Hall of the University of Queensland, Australia, felt that more research needs to be done, warning:

“It is likely that these policy changes will increase the prevalence and frequency of cannabis use and, potentially, cannabis use disorders in the longer term.”


However, it could be that the increase in numbers isn’t a sign of rampant weed-smoking among the youth across the US, but rather shows that it is actually older people who are smoking weed infrequently!

Mr. Hall noted:

“There are fewer users among young adults who are more likely to develop problems with use, and perhaps more older people are returning to infrequent use now that is legal, thereby reducing the proportion of all users who report problems.”


Despite the legality, there have been shown to be issues related to persistent and frequent marijuana smoking – especially in the young. However, the drug has also been shown to have other positive properties –and with the hint that it is older people who are smoking more weed, it could be time to keep tabs on your grandma!




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