We Know, You Wish Your 88-Year-Old Grandma Was This BadA$$ (Or, Maybe She Is)! Take A Look At Baddie Winkle Livin’ Life Like It’s Golden



There is truth to the fact that you only live once unless you believe in reincarnation, but for the sake of this article, we are going to say that when you are out of here, you’re out of here.  Meet Ms. Baddie Winkle who is living every moment of her 88 years alive, like it’s her last!

Baddie Winkle is killing the game in those puff-puff-pass t-shirts, crochet rainbow bright swimsuits, daisy duke shorts and those ‘doorknocker’ pink fluffy earrings! Running rings around some of you young bucks, putting all Instagram ‘models’ to shame…LOL!

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What a true inspiration.  Live it, live it fabulously and make it count!  Haters…what, who? No one cares about them. It’s YOLO 2016 (OK, so that acronym is a bit played, but you get the point!).


Photo credit: Instagram|Twitter

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