Wasting Cash? You Won’t Believe How Much Money Future Spends On Clothes Every Week

It is up to you how you spend your money, but we still can’t help but question the spending habits of rapper, Future, who revealed he drops over $300,000 every week on clothes!

The rapper appeared on a recent episode of Complex’s ‘Sneaker Shopping’ where he revealed just how many dollars he spends on clothes each week:

“I be buying my little girl 10, 20 pairs of Chanel and she ain’t nothing but nine years old. She got more bags than grown ladies. No cap.”

The rapper continued:

“I shop every day. I probably spend two to three hundred thousand dollars on clothes a month. It’s crazy — I gotta stop.”

It just makes us wonder how much more good he could be doing with all that money – rather than just lining the pockets of wealthy high-end designers by buying more stuff he probably doesn’t need…

Check him out here:

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