Want To Be Healthy? Eat Meat For Breakfast!



For years you may have thought that eating fruit or bran was the healthy way to start your day, but one London-based personal trainer believes that eating meat for breakfast is the answer to staying in shape!


Greg Cornthwaite has created five breakfasts of about 500 calories each, including things like venison, steak, lamb and mince!


But why take the meaty option?


Greg explained:


“These breakfasts should give your body the essential proteins and fats to kick start your metabolism and balance your blood sugar levels. These options should keep you fuller for longer, preventing you from craving sugar until lunch time.”



While the meat-based breakfasts may be good for those who put on weight easily when eating carbs, Greg warned:


“It’s important to understand that our genetic makeup and gut bacteria may differ from one person to the next. This could be why your lean friend can eat carbs with each meal and not gain a pound, whereas if you were to do the same, the scales would steadily increase week after week as you gained fat and weight.”


He added:


“This could be why nutrition is such a debatable topic as there is no one meal that suits everyone. Without getting too scientific, we all have a different tolerance and sensitivity to carbs. If you are really sensitive to them, your body will process them efficiently and convert them to energy and stored energy, therefore not gaining fat. Or if you are less sensitive to them, you will most likely convert a high percentage of them to fat by a process called “de novo lipogenesis” (the creation of fat).




While we’re not sure about the science, we reckon there’ll be plenty of people happy to tuck into a steak for breakfast!


What do you think, could you face a meaty meal for breakfast?




Photo Credit: Belly Fat Blaze / Foodie Affair / Family Pizza Online

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