Viral Video Suggests Las Vegas Shooter Had Help

Talk is spreading that Stephen Paddock may have had an accomplice when he opened fire on hundreds of people in Las Vegas, killing 58.

A new viral video seems to suggest that the 58-year-old did not act alone, with many saying that they can clearly make out the sound of two separate guns firing in the footage.

At around the 35 second mark a gun can be heard firing before, at around the 41 second mark, a second, louder set of gunfire starts. Las Vegas police maintain that Stephen Paddock acted alone, with Sheriff Todd Fasulo saying:

“I want to emphasize we believe Paddock is solely responsible for this heinous act. We are aware of the rumors outside of the media and also on social media that there was more than one assailant. We have no information or evidence to support that theory or that rumor. We believe there was only one shooter and that was Stephen Paddock.”

Check out the video and see what you think:



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