Seriously, What The H&ll? Brooklyn Man Loses The Plot Over Bike Stand!


We can understand how people can get pretty heated about their local communities, but one man really ‘got off his bike’ during a Community Board meeting in Brooklyn recently.

The man, Joseph Igneri was clearly upset by the Citi Bike scheme which is operating in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Jersey City. Despite the scheme not being on the agenda it seems that a few residents are getting quite heated about the number of bike stands and cyclists in Brooklyn.

Igneri can be heard yelling at the board as he asks them in turn “is there a bike stand outside your house?” He even faces down one board member called Jerry – almost looking like he was going to offer him outside to fight! Igneri was eventually asked to leave the meeting…

Speaking on the heated discussion, Eric McClure, co-founder of the Park Slope Neighbors group and co-chair of the CB6 Transportation Committee, said:

“This was a particularly extreme reaction, and totally out of line. There were probably a couple dozen people there last night to speak (or yell) about their opposition to Citi Bike, or in most cases, their opposition to the placement of Citi Bike docks on their blocks and in ‘their’ parking spaces.”

Wow! If these Brooklynites think the number bicycles in their borough is bad they should try moving to Amsterdam!



Photo Credit: YouTube

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