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Victoria’s Secret Slammed For ‘What Is Sexy’ List

Victoria’s Secret have been hit with criticism over their latest annual ‘What Is Sexy’ list. The brand announced winners in categories such as ‘Sexiest DJ’ and ‘Sexiest Entertainer’ with the winners largely being tall, thin, white women. The lack of diversity in their selections caused critics to call them out – but this list is depressingly normal for Victoria’s Secret, who have done very little over the years to move away from narrow view when it comes to inclusivity and diversity.

Of course, sexiness is not about a single race, size, or color. Fortunately, there are plenty of other brands who recognize this fact and promote a wider range of models in their campaigns. However, as their list shows, Victoria’s Secret have a long way to go to catch up – which didn’t go unnoticed on social media:



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