Upstaged? Adele Unwittingly Calls Grammy Nominee On Stage To Sing!




Isn’t it a nightmare when an artist invites an audience member on stage to sing? Like, you ‘ve paid all that money to see someone perform and suddenly find that you are having to endure some talentless nobody ruining a song you love?


That is usually the case, but not when Adele invited an audience member up during a show in Los Angeles last week.


24-year-old Jamie Grace hopped on stage after admitting that she and her sister made YouTube videos of themselves singing Adele’s songs.


But what Jamie didn’t say is that she is also a Grammy-nominated singer and, despite her nerves, she went on to nail her impromptu performance!


With talent like that in the audience, we reckon some of these less-talented singers (not Adele) might want to think twice before inviting the audience on to the stage!




Photo Credit: YouTube

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