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Uncle Murda 2018 ‘Rap Up’ Delivered This New Year’s Eve!

OK, so after taking a brief hiatus from the ‘Rap Up’ that he invented, Mad Skillz left the lane wide open for Brooklyn rapper, Lenny Grant, AKA Uncle Murda. Uncle Murda has taken the ‘Rap Up’ to a whole another game, as he gets gritty each time he delivers, and, well, this year is no exception!

Peep Uncle Murda’s version of the ‘Rap Up,’ and let us know via social media who you are really rocking with, or, lyrically and stylistically, are they two different animals? Either way, we are wishing everyone a great New Year’s Eve, and an even better New Year.

Now, let us get back to this 9-minute plus ‘Rap Up’ of this crazy @$$ 2018 year. Nothing but pure fire! 


We rock with both Rap Up’s as we believe in paying homage to originators of anything, but there is always room for everyone to eat without stepping on any toes!

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