Unbelievable! Kendu Issaacs Says Mary J Blige Owes Him Money After He Inspired Her ‘Divorce Songs’

Mary J. Blige’s estranged husband, Kendu Isaacs is saying that he should be getting more money from the R&B star since the announcement of their divorce.

Kendu says that Mary’s success has risen again since their split due to her writing ‘divorce songs’ about the situation and says he is owed a cut. He points out the recently released ‘Love Yourself’ and ‘Set Me Free’ as examples, but that’s not all.

Isaacs also says that Mary is making it hard for him to find work since she is blasting him in the press. He is currently living in a 1,400 square foot apartment in Los Angeles and says he needs more cash from Mary to survive.

We can’t believe the front of this man! Next he’ll be saying he should be getting songwriting credits due to the divorce…

What a joker…




Photo Credit: BET

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