Uber want to use artificial intelligence to see if users are drunk!

Uber has filed a patent application to use artificial intelligence to check if users are drunk when they order a ride.

The AI would look for misspellings, typos, if someone was walking slower than normal or staggering, as well as info like where you are and what time it is. So, if you are misspelling everything, near a load of bars, and it is the early hours of the morning that may raise a red flag!

The app would check your location and the time too – so if it is late and you are near a load of bars, then that may raise a red flag.

However, Uber aren’t saying exactly what they hope to do with the information, although the patent application says they hope to “reduce undesired consequences of uncharacteristic user states.”

Of course, drunk passengers can be a problem for drivers, so maybe Uber hope to pair these users with drivers who are better equipped to handle them?

But, while Uber drivers say they have been assaulted by intoxicated passengers, it’s not quite as clear-cut as you might imagine.

In fact, over 100 Uber drivers have been accused of sexually assaulting passengers, many of whom were at least slightly intoxicated at the time.

Of course, using Uber to get home is better than driving, and drivers should be warned if they are picking up a drunk passenger, but we can’t quite shift the idea of a predatory driver choosing to pick up and take advantage of drunken passengers…

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