Tyrese’s Baby Mama Gets Mad After He Flies Banner Over Daughter’s School

Tyrese’s baby mama has filed a police report after he hired a plane and flew a banner over his daughter’s school, declaring ‘No matter what, Daddy loves you Shayla,’ as well as sending her gifts.

Tyrese’s ex, Norma Gibson is vexed at his show of affection to the 10-year-old girl since she has a temporary restraining order against him which prohibits any direct or indirect contact with Shayla. The restraining order follows allegations made by Norma that Tyrese spanked Shayla. The allegations are being investigated by the Department of Children and Family Services.

Tyrese is said to have paid for the banner as well as sending gifts including balloons, a fruit basket, teddy bear and a card to Shayla’s school on Monday – all addressed to Shayla, from Dad.

Norma’s attorney believes that the gestures are a form of witness intimidation as the DCFS could interview Shayla as part of their investigations. As for us, we say, hold on just a moment here…

OK, so we can’t condone Tyrese putting his hands on his daughter, but people make mistakes and hopefully he can learn from this and see that he doesn’t have to get physical to reprimand his daughter. However, to call him out for witness intimidation? Come on, can we get a reality check? Sounds to us like he just misses his little girl…

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Photo Credit: BigEye

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