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Out of touch? Donald Trump thinks you need I.D. to buy groceries!

A lot of people see Donald Trump as being someone to stand up for regular people.

In fact, many of his supporters say that he is a ‘man of the people’ himself – almost like any other ‘regular American guy’ – and that is a big part of his appeal…

However, it seems that this North East billionaire is actually out of touch with reality – as this recent video shows:

However, on the other hand, if the President isn’t out of touch with reality – then he must be lying as he says you need I.D. to get groceries.

Which beggars the question, if he lies about such a small thing, can you believe what he says on anything?

What do you think?

Out of touch, lying, or just straight-up incompetent?

(Although, on the other hand, he could be a mix of all three!)

What do you think?

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